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Agave What is Agave?
Agave is grown by the Aztecs in the Ixmiquilpan region of Mexico. Agave is central to their culture and they have been cultivating it for thousands of years. Organic, wild-crafted Agave Syrup is a delicious, low glycemic index (GI) sweetener that tastes somewhere between honey and maple syrup. Dark agave has a rich vanilla-like aroma and deep wild flavour. Light Agave syrup is filtered and has a neutral sweet flavour.

Nutritional Information:
Minimally processed agave provides vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are not found in other processed sweeteners. Our unfiltered Dark Agave syrup has a wide spectrum of minerals and phytonutrients.

Agave nectar is derived from the Wild Maguey (Agave Salminae). The Ixmiquilpan indigenous growers association hand harvest the nectar. One cactus can produce as much as 2 litres of juice a day. Juice is collected twice daily, and one cactus can continue producing juice for up to three months.