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Ancient Ways in Modern Days

The Paleo Diet is sweeping the world. This trend seems to suggest that 2015 is the year for mankind to eat as mankind is designed. One of our most common questions at Manna is what paleo means and what foods are/are not paleo. Read More

Green tea 1

Green tea the most available super food

Green tea (camellia sinensis), a standard option at almost every café, supermarket or dinner party may just be one of the easiest ways to boost your body’s available antioxidants, reduce risk of oral cancer (attention any smoke... Read More

Frothing Fans for Fermented Foods

Frothing Fans For Fermented Foods

2015 has been labeled the year of local and fermented foods. Recent dietary trends such as macrobiotic and paleo are encouraging the consumption of naturally fermented products. Read More

One Step Toward the Green

One Step Toward The Green

Sometimes sustainability can feel daunting– especially if you have ever had a quote for solar panels! Read More

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