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274 South Tce, South Fremantle WA 6162


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    Manna Wholefoods & Café serves a variety of scrumptious breakfast and lunchtime fare. We are famous for our freshly made wholesome salads made with seasonal fresh vegetables and ingredients such as tempeh, tofu, nuts, seeds and legumes. Our salad dressings are freshly made and delicious! Also available are:
  • Manna BIG Vegan Breakfast & Paleo-style Breakfast

  • Manna-made beef sausage rolls and spinach-feta rolls

  • Daily Manna-made quiches

  • Vegetarian pizza & gluten-free vegan pizza

  • Vegan pies (lentil, thai pumpkin and creamy vegetable)

  • Felafel or tempeh and salad mountain bread wraps

  • Tofu, brazil nut or sweet potato & coconut patties (dairy, gluten-free and vegan)

  • Daily specials such as vegan bake, vegan curries, vegan burgers, vegetable frittata, paleo lunchboxes, lebanese lunchboxes, smoked salmon focaccia, organic beef rendang pies

  • Sandwiches & rolls

  • Mexican bean wraps & breakfast wraps

  • Mushroom arancini balls with tomato salsa

  • RAW cakes are our specialty

  • RAWSOME treats

  • Raw almond milk & coconut water based smoothies

  • Gluten-free cakes and slices, muffins (sweet & savoury)

  • Freshly made vegan soup (in cooler months)

  • Organic options for smoothies and fresh juices

  • Organic Biobean coffee (made with organic dairy, soy or almond milk)

opening hours

  • 7 Days
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Closed on Public Holidays