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Ancient Ways in Modern Days

Paleo The Paleo Diet is sweeping the world. This trend seems to suggest that 2015 is the year for mankind to eat as mankind is designed. One of our most common questions at Manna is what paleo means and what foods are/are not paleo. Paleo refers to the Paleolithic era. The diet presupposes that we as humans developed on a specific diet through evolutionary means. Simply put, there are fundamental foods we ate thousands of years ago that are vital and over time processed foods have grown in popularity that are considered harmful.
Organic, pastured meats & eggs (produced without chemicals and fed natural diets) Wild-caught seafood (produced in clean-water environments) Dairy including sheep, goat, cow and related cheeses
Nuts and seeds (olives, macadamias, flaxseed, avocado and coconut). Refined oils (cottonseed, canola, soybean, sunflower, corn, rice bran and safflower)
Small,quantities of organic seasonal fruit Refined sugars (includes the sneaky added sugar in processed foods)
ORGANIC, local greens and vegetables Grains and legumes
If,you can hunt or forage it – it is likely to be paleo Any and all processed food items
What it means to be paleo, is to discover the origin of your food and whether somewhere along its journey from pasture to plate it has been tampered with in an unnatural way. By unnatural we mean the use of synthetic chemicals (in the form of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and ripening agents) or whether a mechanical process has rendered the food edible, where in its natural wild state it would not. This is one of the points for avoiding potatoes, grains and legumes. Inedible in their original state, these foods require sprouting or cooking to become edible. A Paleolithic human may not have had the means to do this, and thus is determined generally unsuitable for the diet. Though these finer details we leave up to your judgment.

The reason why this distinction is important is simply that processed food is less nutritious and can negatively impact our biology which has been developed over millions of years to accept and digest natural foods. Whereas only one-hundred or so years has occurred for our bodies to adapt to processed foods, or in some instances even less (consider a softdrink!). Paleolithic diet, like other wholefood based diets encourage us to look into the origin of food production and to know our own biology and digestion. Effectively, we are designed to eat certain foods and we are not designed to eat others. We are learning forcefully that refined sugar, refined grains (white) and artificial colours/sweeteners are detrimental to us, and so it is of no surprise that terms such as wholefood and paleo gain traction as these may assist us get back in touch with what our bodies are asking for, unadulterated food.

At Manna it is our mission to provide ample resource for you, the health-enthused. And so you will notice a few new items to our shelves, we have since introduced a paleo breakfast, featuring our fully compliant paleo-bread with no gluten and no grains. A paleo lunchbox which features organic chicken breast, a cashew-nut dressing (dairy free), and a side of greens. And for those on-the-go we have the paleo banana bread made without grains and dairy and packed full of plant (almond) and animal (egg) proteins to keep you satisfied and prepared for little bumps of hunger that may occur during your transition to the Paleo way.

Enjoy a paleo start to the day with our most recent menu items:
The Paleo Breakfast - $16 (option to omit dairy)
Paleo Bread - $3.50 per slice
The Paleo Lunchbox - $12.50

For inspiring reading on paleo topics consider:
Pete Evans “Family Food” - $39.99
Nora T. Gedgaudas “Primal Body, Primal Mind” - $29.95
Chris Kresser - $29.99

*prices subject to change over time