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One Step Toward The Green

One Step Toward the Green Sometimes sustainability can feel daunting– especially if you have ever had a quote for solar panels!

The conversion can look like a mountain, however what our locals have shown us is that sustainability can take place from the ground up. Our approach is about doing what we can first, and remaining open to projections ahead. We have really embodied this at Manna as of late and we are inspired in particular by our one and only Ms. Zen, our resident recyclops (for those whom have watched the TV Show The Office).

Zen has turned plastic free July into a 365 day a year commitment. Zen pioneers sustainability by living with as little single-use plastics and equipment as she can (really I have never witnessed her use anything that was not reusable, recyclable and of natural materials). Zen is the sort of South Free-mantarian who purchases glass jars and converts them into candles and mugs. Who sees a burlap sack as a new hand bag, and scrap metal as an idea for an art installation. Zen has really busted our old waste management and pioneered its reduction.

Our current system involves the separation of compostable materials; these materials fuel our gardens at home with beautiful mostly-organic plant matter (free to pick up by the public between 3.00 - 5.30pm sharp). Recyclable waste is processed off-site by a third party, and all we are left with in our landfill are degradable bags full of potato starch packing foam and anything else biodegradable.

While it is not a gold standard – we are striving to raise the bar and we welcome your input. Thus far changes we have made are;
1. Conversion of our waste management
2. Transition to full biodegradable take away utensils and containers
3. CO2 off-setting (through our commitment to BIOPAK packaging)

So let’s feed and inspire each other to make these changes. If you are passionate about change, about living in alignment with the biosphere, we welcome you to send feedback through our Contact us .

For further information on BIOPAK and their effort to reduce C02 emissions and promote renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging solutions, visit their website below.