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Macrobiotics is based on establishing and maintaining balance in all aspects of life through the principles of yin and yang and the laws of nature. The macrobiotic approach to food states that we are continually influenced by our total environment and that health and well-being can be achieved through living in harmony and cooperation with the cycles of nature. Depending on the season, the macrobiotic diet includes eating varying amounts of whole grain cereals, vegetables, sea vegetables, soups, beans, seeds, nuts, fish and condiments. A large part of the diet involves whole cereal grains, such as rice, barley, wheat, millet, quinoa, as well as products made from whole grains, such as whole-wheat pasta, couscous, corn meal and sourdough bread. Sourcing a wide variety of local and organic vegetables is integral to the diet and highly processed and refined foods are avoided. Sea vegetables (such as kombu, arame, dulse and wakame) and other ingredients are incorporated into the diet in smaller quantities providing a high level of nutrition and assist in digestibility. Cooking techniques and methods of food preparation are applied to harmonise yin and yang factors, while variety in appearance and taste of food is also important when preparing meals.

For more information on the macrobiotic approach to food, classes and recipes, contact Sahaja from The Great Life on (08) 9414 9992 or refer to the website:

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